Rose Care – Pests

Identifying insects by the damage they do is an important first step in dealing with the problem. Most chewing and sucking insects such as aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, etc., are easily identified by the damage they do.

However, there are a few insects that are more difficult to identify and may require specific treatment to control or eliminate. If there is a particular insect that presents a problem in your area, learn about it so you can share that knowledge with others.

Some insects are very localized. If you have an insect you are not sure about, contact your local your county or state agricultural extension department for positive identification. There are also several excellent web sites on the internet with photos of rose pests.

See the IPM, (Integrated Pest Management) program listed here, for solutions for pest issues. The progressive approach to managing the major insect pests of roses begins with the least toxic method and moves up the pyramid – cultural, mechanical and physical, biological and finally, chemical methods.

Source: American Rose Society, Consulting Rosarian Manual, 3rd Edition, July 2016