Rose Care – Pests


Aphids are soft bodied green, brown, or black sucking insects.  They are bound on the tender young growth at the top of the young shoots.

1.) The aphids can be smashed using your fingers or washed from the plant surface using a heavy stream of water.

2.) Insect controls can be obtained from specialty sources.  These insects feed on the aphids and in sufficient number can control aphid populations.

3.) The aphids can be sprayed with organic (insecticidal soap or horticultural oil) sprays. These sprays work by suffocating the aphids.

4.) The aphids can be sprayed with a chemical insecticide Malathion (class III, Caution) or Orthene (Class II, warning).


Thrips are nearly microscopic long bodied insects.  They cause the petals of the rose to brown and if severley infected, not to open.  They damage the capillary feeding system in the petals by rasping against the petals.  Thrips seem to prefer pastel colored roses.

1.) Try to remove alternate sites, i.e dandelions, iris, etc. The thrips will infect these sites and then move to roses.

2.) Insecticide control requires a systemic insecticide (Orthene, Class III warning).