About Us

Welcome to the UTAH ROSE SOCIETY!

We LOVE roses! We love to grow them, smell them, look at them, exhibit them, propagate them, put them in vases, and make things with them. We invite you to come join with us and do the same. We will give you advice and help you out, and learn from you, too!  

Objectives of the Utah Rose Society

  • To educate society members in rose cultivation and successful garden practices by providing a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences and by organizing informative and interesting programs and activities.
  • To foster public interest in the cultivation of roses through cooperative efforts with professional businesses and public organizations.
  • To support the goals and activities of the American Rose Society (ARS) and the Rocky Mountain District.
  • The organize rose exhibitions and to provide judging, prizes, and awards under the rules and regulations of the ARS.
  • To promote the production and availability of improved rose cultivars suitable to the climate of Utah.
  • To stimulate greater interest in rose hybridization and soil improvement.

If you have any questions please email us at utahrosesociety@gmail.com

Happy Gardening!